Green Mountain High School Football

2023 Summer Program

This is for high school athletes who plan to participate in the GMHS football program during the 2023-2024 school year. 


  • pre-season conditioning
  • speed & agility camps (78 hours of speed and agility, June - August)
  • workout gear (2 shirts, 1 shorts)
  • leadership development
  • access to online Hudl video and Hudl playbook
  • game film
  • game-day gear
  • and more

Coaches will provide additional information throughout the pre-season. 

Cost  Multiple payment options below
**  Ram Card Fundraiser - $0  (20 Cards sold will cover this)
**  Cash / Check - $640 
**  Venmo  - $655
**  This site - $655

In Grades: 9 to 12 for 2023-24 School year

2023 Varsity/JV Camping Trip

Varsity/JV Overnight Camping Trip

DatesJuly 28-30  (two nights of camping)

Description: This camp is a tradition with GM Football.  Coaches and Players camp out at the Schattinger Family Ranch, near Jefferson, CO.  Rafting down Brown's Canyon is included.  More details will be provided soon.


Base Cost: $155.00

In Grades: 10 to 12 for 2023-24 School year

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