Green Mountain High School Football

Welcome to the high school football program.  We invite you to use our website to get familiar with how our program works.  If you have questions or want to provide feedback, email us at: 

Fundraising is a necessary part of the football program so that we can have a quality, competitive 3A program that our school, players, coaches, and parents deserve. 

The District does not provide any real funding (approximately $100 in a typical year) for the football program and doesn't come close to meeting the current needs of our football program.  
We do hold multiple fundraisers throughout the season urging 100% participation to which all funds go directly to the Team Account.

Funds raised by the Green Mountain Boosters will provide the following:
1. Equipment
2. Game day supplies
3. Team Building
4. Ram Gear
5. Website, Software
6. Miscellaneous team expenses
7. Training 

Family members or friends are all encouraged to assist the students in reaching their fundraising goal and may participate in fundraisers for a designated student.

We do expect your child to make every effort to contribute to the team both on and off of the field to the best of his abilities.